Lunch with Mother: Planet Java 50s Cafe

Yesterday me and my mother went out for lunch at the Planet Java 50s Café in Fort Langley, BC just on Glover Road in down town. I thought it would be a cool place to eat becuase it is set up like a restaurant from the 1950s, decked out with a statue of Elvis, and 50s music playing all the time. The look and feel is seemingly authentic, according to my Mother.


The meals are not quite what you would have gotten in the 1950s, but it tries to be as authentic as possible. You are not going to buy a meal for $0.35 here.

My Mother loved the table top music selectors they have that only cost $0.25 for each song at each booth. She tried it. You gotta love chrome!

The only glitch we had here was the server got our order mixed up. My Mother wanted the chefs salad and I wanted the Elvis Burger, but instead we both got Chefs Salad.

9 Thoughts on “Lunch with Mother: Planet Java 50s Cafe

  1. I bet mom loved it! It’s to bad you couldn’t take her to the Hard Rock Cafe in Vancouver. She would of liked it. The last time I was there about 3 years ago they had a lot of Elvis Paraphernalia. When I walked into the cafe, mom was the first person I thought of when I seen that everything had to do with Elvis.

    P.S. Tuff it up! A Chef Salad is good for you!

  2. Mom made it back OK. Talked to her on Skype. Oh, she has a webcam now–it works!

  3. send us an email to see if this is working

  4. I was wondering about her trip back. That is a long bus ride and mom isn’t getting any younger. Great!! Can’t wait to talk to her with the webcam.

  5. Her webcam works great. Although she has a really slow Internet connection. Her voice often cuts out.

  6. tom give us acall on skype please ,need help

  7. Sure. Might as well. The Canucks are getting slaughtered!

  8. send an email to us , a lot of problems with updates

  9. I heard you on Skype. I just forgot to turn my mic on.

    Please try again.

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