Spending Time with Mother: Hiking!

As some of you now know, my Mother has left back to her home in Alberta, as her visit here had come to an end last Sunday, but it has taken me all of this week to catch up on this blog, entering in the backlog of posts that I want to write in it. I have several hundred photos, both stored on my camera and hard drives, and going through them all has been a test of endurance. With so many photos, and so little time, choosing the best of the best has not been easy.

In this post I want to write about the last evening that my Mother stay with me in Fort Langley, BC. We agreed that a hike along the Fort to Fort trail would in order for the quest of the allusive rabbits (bunnies) that inhabit the forests in the thousands along the shores of the Fraser Rive and beyond. So I captured the journey, and lots of bunny photos from that hike, with my camera.

Perhaps the best part of the trail is along the Derby Reach leg of the hike. Shown above, you are walking through some well groomed, and wide open area that is managed by the Park at the Derby Park end of the trail. You are walking along the edge of farm land and a bird sanctuary by the Park. At this point of the hike, the trail stays along the river after a short detour when it follows a road for about a kilometre. Remember that this photo was taken around 7:00pm in the evening. Still lots of light, but getting late.

Above: The marker says, “Fort Langley – the original Fort Langley was built here in 1827. James McMillan in charge. The site of the first permanent settlement and cultivation of the soil in the Lower Fraser Valley, later known as Derby, home of the Royal Engineers. 1858 – 1859.”

Reaching the marker of the original site of the fort at Fort Langley, BC, this sort of marks the end of this section of trail. There is lots of trail left, but this was as far as we went due to the lack of time we had. Now, from here, we started the trek back to home.

We also took time to admire the setting sun. This section of the trail we incredible for viewing the sunset through the forest and farm land. Oddly enough at this the bunnies started hopping along the trail more frequently too as they crossed it when we walked by. My camera sucked for shooting photos of them becuase of the low light, and crappy flash that I had.

It was good hike, and I did feel it in my legs. My Mother insisted that we do it, and she never complained about the distance. This proves that she is super stubborn, or she is in way better shape than I am?

2 Thoughts on “Spending Time with Mother: Hiking!

  1. Hey Tom,
    Thought you said that you do a lot of walking. It was a good walk, and I enjoyed it. I was a bit sore but not to bad. I think the bus ride back was the worst. No I am not stubborn but I still am in good shape.

  2. Yeah, and if you read the post of “transit,” I talked about my morning walks too, 3.2KM, before work work each each day for about 4 weeks. So I do do a lot walking. Even today I walked for about 2 KM, but just small distances.

    But now, as of Friday, I have wheels! 🙂

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