The Blacksmith’s Shop at the Fort

One of the first places me and Mother went to when we visited the Fort Museum back on June 11, 2011, was the Blacksmith shop. I have always had a fascination with metal working, especially these historical methods without the use of modern methods of heating and casting that we have today. It was well informative as the demonstrator used his furnace and showed us the various techniques of bending and heating the iron to make all the tools and things people needed back then to have the creature comforts they wanted.

The Blacksmith made everything from farm equipment and tools, to everyday household goods such as knives, barrel-straps and eating utensils–even the nails to build the houses they lived in.  There is quite the history when these first settlers came over.

It was very fascinating to see this guy (who I have no idea his name, but he was part of the staff that worked at the museum) shaping and customising this piece of metal into a very cool looking hook for hanging tools on in the barn with. It took him about five mins to create this hook. He gave it to my Mother becuase at the time she was from the farthest place visiting. She in turn left it with me because of her fear that they my not allow it on the bus. The Blacksmith also make the comment that if you are flying, then it would not be a good idea to take it with you also. Oh our modern times are something, eh?

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