Summer – At Last!

OK, this year has been a dismal one for a prolonged winter/spring weather, so far, that just seemed to go on and on and on. Finally hitting the 20C mark for the first time since last October in the first week of June 2011, is just weird, and a sign that Mother nature can still rule our lives any time she wants. No wonder everyone was feeling so down in the dumps-I was too.

I hope we never have another spring and winter like this one for a long time! Anyway…

The summer Solstice has finally arrived. The longest day of the year for us folks in the Northern half of Planet Earth. It is a time for celebrations, BBQ, camping, getting out into nature, mosquitoes, and time to jump into the bathing suite for some splash-time. The ritual of observing the Solstice is a special becuase it is real, it marks time, and marks a turning point in all of us that we can enjoy the Earth around us for the next four months without the effects the cold and wet of the winter months. To wear shorts and a shirt, is sweet.

Today was a really go start for the summer season. It reached 21C, and remained only partly cloudy, and then cleared right up for the remainder of the afternoon into the evening. I wanted to go to the river and jump in, but it is still very high, and will probably flood in mid July, as it always does. I stayed at home and opened all the windows and enjoyed the breezes that flowed through the screens, filtering out the mosquitoes.

So, yay, summer has finally arrived! Yes! Hopefully we are good until, say, October? Oh wouldn’t that be nice?

3 Thoughts on “Summer – At Last!

  1. I fully heartliy

  2. Sorry about that!!! What I mean to say is that I totally agree with you on this subject. I just got around to pulling out the flip – flop’s and found my summer clothes that were hiding in the back of the closet. I am soooooo happy. SUMMER IS HERE!!!

  3. Hey JM, nice to pop by on the old blog. I’ll edit out your first post later. I have so much to do and so little time – this full–time gig is murder for getting stuff done around the house.

    Anyway, it looks like I’m going to buy Mother a new computer. There current one they have is so old and outdated that it will not work with Skype and the webcam together without freezing up. She has only 250MB or RAM in that poor thing – and a single core chip that is soooo slow, a wrist-watch clicks faster than it! Next week, Friday, I’ll pick one for them in Richmond, BC.

    Enjoy the summer!

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