100 Years of BC License Plates

When my Mother came over for a visit during my convocation a couple of weeks ago, we took in a lot of sites. There were so many places that we went to I am still sorting out all the photos I took. I finally got to the trip we did at the Fort Langley, BC Agriculture Museum that houses so many exhibits that when we were done walking around, finally making it through the whole building, I had taken somewhere in the neighbourhood of 300 photos.

This photo, which I had to cut into two becuase of the details I wanted to show while keeping the image size to my blog’s standard, is a really good example of all those everyday things we take for granted, but rarely get to see in one collection. These are License Plates from when British Columbia started issuing vehicle plates to the motorising public, spanning almost 100 years. The oldest plate in from 1923, going all the way up to present day plates. According to some sources that I looked up on the net, BC Plates have being around for just over 100 years now, so this collection is probably missing a few plates (A History of British Columbia License Plates).

Please come on down to the Fort Langley Agriculture Museum and take a look for yourself. Admission is almost by donation, which I think is a minimum $3.00 fee, but it is well worth the trip and experience.

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