June is Over Already!

June 2011 has got to be the most prosperous month I have had in a very long time when I compare it to the last major time period back in September 2008 with the same results. This month, I had graduated, or officially finished being an undergraduate. I then found meaningful employment. And from being at the convocation ceremony, I got leads that could start my post graduate down on the road to my dream career as the doors opened up once the pomp and circumstance cleared the air. On top of all this, the visit by my mother. The support from my friends who wanted to be there with me as I went through transition of graduation was incredible. It was so nice to have everyone that wanted to share the experience of the convocation ceremony with me.

The major mile stone of finishing classes has still not fully sunk in. Even while I was at work today, I was thinking that there was something missing, that I was forgetting something. I was thinking that I may have an assignment, or a paper that needs to be handed in, you know that nagging feeling that you forgot something. In other words, I still carry around that guilty feeling that my work day is too light and that I need it weighed down with numerous tasks of dead-line torture.Yeah, I think I have gotten use to begin over loaded? How sick is that?

Today – with so much freedom, I find myself making more mistakes. I feel so lazy now that I know there will be no one critically marking my work so I get sloppy and careless. I realise that there are critical markers in my life now, they just do not give the feed back that my profs did. Instead they constantly adjust my evaluations that they have of me through passive reactions. I have to vigorously push myself with the same amount of discipline that was driving me during my undergraduate days from my instructors. Is this maturity?

The shock of June was meeting a professor that I had when I was in my first year at Kwantlen Polytechnic University. Mr. Richard Floyd, a professor of Sociology at kwantlen received an award as Professor Emeritus. This was a man who truly inspired and touch so many around him. The effect that he had on my life was incredible. I am truly privileged to have been a student under him. He was the first person in my life to “open my eyes” on issues that taunted me like how does the cycle of money really work. He showed us all in those classes the world around us as we focused on what makes our social structure work, and why we are what we are today. That course was focused on looking at several perspectives: the good, the bad and the ugly of our society as it is, and is not, and the illusions that we see of it. I will never forget those classes with him.

But June was, in my mind, the spring of 2011. Literally, in terms of weather in my life. The winter that kept lingering from January, and did not stop until June. So, I like to say, we only had a three week period of spring. Even now that we are now officially in the summer season, the spring weather still lingers. So too did the effect of the convocation have on me as I truly blossomed into my next metamorphoses of life during that ceremony. Wearing the graduation gown and tassel, was, well, a dream like state that only could be appreciated until after I had to take them off. Together, the cool weather made wearing the cap and gown bearable during the convocation worked out in terms of being comfortable. Is not what life is all about, begin comfortable?

2 Thoughts on “June is Over Already!

  1. I guess it is time to go back to school!!!!!

    Happy July 1 !!!

  2. Yes, it appears that I might just do that!

    Happy Canada Day to you too!

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