Frustration in Cyber-Land – Work, Play and Fun.

I think “frustration” is the best word to describe this week so far, but only pertaining to my work, as the rest of my daily activities  are “awesome” for lack of a better word. Do not get me wrong, I am loving what I do, and everything else for myself is going great there, but it is what I am doing, the reaction from my co-workers, that is causing some heartaches in the work environment. I have been asked to take on a little side project, which is preparing the website for the company. I have total control over its content, and my guidelines are very general. The effect on the rest of the staff is huge though so tension is mounting.

First, we are switching servers. Yes, this means that for those who had access to it, they will no longer have the privilege of “tinkering” with it because it will be “off-site.” I have being calling for this for quite some time now. The disruptions in service in the past was huge and it was very frustrating. Since the initial migration to our off-site server, life has being normal, except  for a few who no longer get to “tinker” with it. It is they who are heartbroken now as they can no longer test their toys on the working server, or should I say, “play with the main server.” They still have the “old” one for their use, but I guess all the fun is taken out of it now for them.

Second, this means that our email and data service will also change. Yes, our connection will be purely Intranet based as everyone will have access to it universally. And as an added bonus, in my opinion, we are ditching our Microsoft Outlook becuase of cost, and problems with it letting in so many viruses and other junk that plugs up our servers disk space. So, if you want your email, you are going to have to switch to webmail – yes, w-e-b-m-a-i-l. This is in light of so many work stations carrying huge amounts of archived email accounts. People will have to let go, quit hoarding, and save space while our “off-site” server takes care of the data load.

Lastly, I have to train, or teach, the staff how to work with the new marvel of web based email. So this puts me in a position of power. With knowledge comes power, and with power comes fear from the masses; fear of the unknown as I see it. The problem is assuring the masses that there is no need for fear, and that all will be well once they embrace the unknown and it becomes second nature within their comfort-zone. I cannot wait! *evil laugh*

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