Return of the Walnut Tree

I did not think that they would return. In fact, in less than five years of losing them, their offspring have made a giant comeback, but this time, they are on the other side of the fence. The comeback seems to be with a vengeance too. Yes, the walnut trees have returned!

I am talking about the walnut trees that used to live in my front lawn. I guess their walnuts finally took root and grew – and grew they did.


Five years ago they had to be taken down becuase they were starting to show signs of falling from the loose soil they lived in. With all the wind storms that we get during the winter, these trees were sure to come crashing down on my home if matters were not taken. So it was decided to cut them down and leave me with a wide open lawn. The “tree slaughter” (as my friend called it) did good on the property value, but loosing the shade and privacy that they brought, well it felt like more of a loss than a gain.

So the good news is, their offspring have come back to take over the yard!

In just five years they have started repopulating the green space on the railway side of the property, so I think that gives them protection from the landowner that I homestead on. I do not think he can march over there and start cutting without a huge amount of red-tape. If I live here long enough, I may once again have a benefit of green, shade and privacy in my yard once again.

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