Snow? July? Fort Langley

For the second time since I have lived here in Fort Langley, the lawn and side walk in front of the community centre have being covered in fake snow for movie sets. The first time was over ten years ago when they shot, “I’ll be home for X-mass,” and back then they filmed for almost a whole week. Today they are, shooting “Trading X-mass,” but on a smaller budget, for a TV production. I guess it is easier to shoot a winter scene in the middle of summer than it is while in the middle of winter?

It is kind of cute to see a fake snowman, fake snow on the side walks, and X-mass decorations all over the lawn in front of the community centre in the middle of July. But that quickly turns to “sick” as we have not had that much of a good season so far with awful weather and a very prolonged winter and spring.

They must use computer graphics to take out the trees in the back ground, and re-do the trees on the front lawn to make it look real?

Funny, we have had such a lousy spring and summer so far, and to have this in the middle of town sort of adds insult to injury when everyone is hoping that we can have at least a half normal summer. Super warm days filled with lots of Sun, and maybe a heat wave or two would be nice? Even the weather forecast for the next few days look dismal: rain, clouds and cool with lot of mosquitoes!

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