Fitting into Change

It has being six weeks now since I started with the new job, new position and new pay. I have made it my mandate to keep everything on track, and to redefine my new roles as they present themselves, plus manage my time efficiently and accordingly so that my life fits comfortably with the changes. Keeping on top, and on track, has made a difference regarding my quick fit into this new world.

My friends have noticed the changes, probably more then me, so that will be something that we will all have to work through in the coming weeks. With these changes comes changes on how we will connect, so we will have to figure out how to deal with spending time and communicating from here on in.

Getting paid was a real experience. First, getting paid, that was kind of nice, but this was my first full pay period, so seeing that much money on one cheque was a very nice feeling. Now the dash to buy the necessary items that I need to work in my new environment. Buying a landline phone was done last week, but that will take some getting used to as I have not had one for nearly 15 years now. I will have to wear a tie from time to time, as looking the part and wearing the uniform of authority and business will now become the norm. I will resist the Bank for as long as possible. Cashing such large cheques is going to be a problem as my employer’s Bank does not like letting go of that much cash in one cheque at one time. (I often wonder if they can really give back all the money that people have in their institutions). This leaves me with my next really big investment, a vehicle, which I will need as there will be lot of commuting form one area to another. Should I buy news, or used – that is the question?

From living as a student for so long, and now finally getting paid a real sum of money, and keeping it, is nice – really nice. Giving the bulk of my money to the University for over six years, and only being able to earn so much, has left scars. It now seems all worth while. The only component of my student lifestyle that is still sticking around into my work lifestyle is the stress. Perhaps I could throw in “lack of sleep” too as the transistion from student to career moves forward?

Anyway, it is all connecting together. Finally, change that I can whole heartily embrace and welcome.

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