OK, where’s Summer?

I’m going to jump on the bandwagon of crying for our summer season back and wanting sunshine and warm weather. I laughed when I heard on the CBCnews network yesterday that on Twitter, the hash-tag #bummersummer, is now trending as one of the most common tweets posting on social media network. What happened?

While Ontario and Quebec deal with a scorching heatwave, we on each coast, both in British Columbia and Newfoundland are experiencing spring or fall like weather instead, still with no change so far this summer. My Ontario friends are wishing that they were living hear becuase they cannot deal with the heat, yet, we are crying that we want at least a taste of that heatwave.

Last week we had a fairly bad hail storm in Fort Langley that only lasted about ten minutes, but it caused some minor damage around town. Lots of trees lost leaves and some branches, and along Glover Road a tree brought down a single house’s power line that shut down the road for a couple of hours. At one end of town that ground was completely covered with hail, that looked more like snow, while the other half was almost dry as bone.

This has being an interesting year so far for weather. What will we get next week – the mystery weather season?

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