Shopping By Intranet Should Be Easier!

This is a little annoyance that sometimes bothers me a lot when I want to buy something. I do the research on a purchase, and when I am ready to buy, the deal goes South; this is happening a lot lately. I am talking about buying as a walk in customer, but shopping on-line. I usually do my research, then check to see if in fact the item is available, then arrange for a pick-up. Today that did not happen. Why?

I spent the whole week looking for a new camera. I scoured the net looking for that allusive deal that would meet all of my requirements, including price, location, and possibly extra goodies that go along with the purchase. All major retail outlets have websites that advertise their deals with price-lists and stock availability. This is how I like to shop. This is convenient for me. When I am going to spend some money on a large priced item, I want to make the deal without wasting time and energy once I have made my final decision.

I am not going to mention the name of the store, or give out the website with a URL showing the item that I want to buy. I feel it is unnecessary to scorn that corporation’s name all over the net for something that it may, or may not have done knowingly.

So, when this company listed the item that I wanted on its website, I was ready to make my purchase. This morning I drove down to the store’s location all excited and happy. I walking into the department where the camera’s were located, and thought that I would first find the camera and see if I could get it, then pay for it and get out as fast as possible. I started searching. It was nowhere to be seen.

I finally asked the store clerk if he knew where it was. He searched on his computer and told me that they do not carry the item any more. I was shocked!

I asked the clerk if he could check again becuase I had conformation from the store’s website that the item was in stock. The clerk returned again and repeated his previous answer, “no sir, it is not.”

So I left. Simple as that. Today I will not have a camera. The store will not have made a sale. I will search out another deal, and the odds are that that store will have lost a sale. This is 2011, 2 years after a rescission, and many places are still reeling from the meltdown of 2008. I would have expected better, more honest service, from stores who make claims that they value their customers, and their needs. I guess service is still waning in today’s marketplace as some retailers are forgetting the value on the Intranet as a shopping tool. Oh well, someone else will have my loyalty now.

2 Thoughts on “Shopping By Intranet Should Be Easier!

  1. Tom, I can relate as this is how I like to shop for things like this. The last time I did it though — with a popcorn popper for my dad for his birthday — it worked out great. BUT, I saw the brand advertised on sale at the Pharmasave and researched it online to check reviews etc. so I kind of did it backwards. But the reviews were excellent for the product and Parmasave was offering it on sale for $15 less than even the cheapest price anywhere. I also research prices. My dad has mentioned a few times to me since then — December — how great the popcorn popper is so that was great. He is typically *so* hard to buy for!

  2. Oh yeah, I should add == now you can see why I like to look at all the store fliers in the weekend paper as my ritual. lol 😀

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