Good Bye July

I better get one last post in before the month finally ends. My posting on the blog has come to a stop since I started working full time. All work and no play, makes me too busy to blog I must say.

At least the money is flowing in now. It is so nice to have the steady flow of income once again, but the economic state of our markets is just to shaky for me to start breathing normal yet. I have this fear that the whole country is going to go belly up, and we (including the parasites of society like Bankers, Politicians and Drug Dealers) are going to go down with the ship. I am thinking about the U.S. and its debt problems right now.

I notice the Banks that I deal with have being very mellow these last few months. I cashed a $2200.00 cheque last week, and the teller gave me no speech about why I should open an account with them. Usually I get one. That is scary – something is up?

I still have lots of friends who are struggling to find work. For them, working under the table, as in working for cash only, seems to be what is keeping them from going out onto the streets. One friend, an neighbour, told me that he goes to the food bank once a month just to tie him over. Social services will not even look at him becuase of his status: Male, non visible minority, no dependants. His next move, if he does not find work, will be the streets.

On the other hand, I have some friends who are just as bad as I am – too much work. It seems that in Canada, right now, it is either black or white in contrast when dealing with employment. You are either working too much, or your are not. I never trusted the numbers that are spewed out by the media, even from Stats Canada, becuase those metrics are skewed. The true measure is really what you can see in front of your face, or view the raw data yourself. In my neck of the woods, half of my friends are either employed while the other half are working ridiculous hours.

The happy part of this last month has being working full time. Yup, I am not complaining about work, althought I am putting in some killers time. In fact, I am embracing it becuase I really missed the work while I was a student. Funny eh?

And yes, working full time is way easier than being a student, by a long shot! No home work.

So, I am off to pay pad rent, then figure out what I am going to do today, being that tomorrow is a Stat Holiday. I also love long weekends.

One Thought on “Good Bye July

  1. Wow! Nice post. All I can say is that you offer a lot to think about here. I mean in terms of work, school and those who are falling between the cracks…

    I never complain about working to the max and crazy hours as some people don’t even get to find decent work at all, but I sometimes worry about my scope. My work is like my only skill option, and yet, I can maximize it. I am still trying to work out website creation ideas, but not quite sure what to do…

    Thanks for the food for thought as it fits in with the fragmented ideas in my head to kind of gel them a bit more. lol. 😆

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