Just testing a new Plug-in

OK, I am testing out this new plug-in that I installed on my  blog, on WordPress called “Easy Chart Builder.”  I want to start using more charts on my blog. Doing it through SPSS, and R, and then copying the images over, is getting too cumbersome, so I am hoping that I found an easer way.

OK, lets see if this work?

ADDED: August 2nd, 2011. I have taken out the test graph.

It looks like I am limited with scaling on each graph I do. According to the creator of the plug-in, this graph will resize to fit into an iphone, or touch pad’s screen. The graph looks great, but I wonder if it will be too much work to code the data into it, rather then just pasting an image in from R, or SPSS? The Statistician’s conundrum.

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