My Twitter Charted

I decided to chart my Twitter Followers Count, just to see what my trajectory looks like. Here are the results shown in this line graph of my three years using Twitter.

I took the data from my Twitter History and divided this line graph into 37 months, or three years, going from July 2008, to July 2011. Yes, I have being using Twitter for the last three year. Time flies!

The left X-axes of the graph is the number of followers I have gained over the last three years.  The Y-axes is the months, starting from July, 2008, to July 2011.

This graph shows that my interests in Twitter really took off in November to December of 2010 after taking a communications course in University earlier that summer. The value of social networking was realised as was my determination to make my mark, and my network took off as my Twitter experience increased, showing today with a follow count of over 500 followers. Hopefully I can maintain this trajectory and reach a follower count of 1000 by November or 2011.

2 Thoughts on “My Twitter Charted

  1. Interesting stats!

    What do you recommend to someone who is thinking of becoming a Twitterer but keeps putting it off?

  2. I think: quit procrastinating, and get yourself a twitter account pronto.

    It’s free and easy to set-up. The hardest part is figuring out what your Twitter Name will be. The rest is fairly straight forward.

    It has many uses for almost everyone: news gathering of various sorts; updating with friends and organisations; and meeting new people and keeping up with the gossip. Pluss I’m on it – a lot. 🙂

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