New Poll, New Plug-in

I did a little house cleaning here on the blog. I got rid of many old files and plug-ins from Word Press becuase I noticed that over half of them were no longer supported. Doing a little house cleaning on the blog seems like the best thing to do while having some free time at the personal computer, so I seize the opportunity this time and really went at it.

I had plug-ins dating from as far back as 2004! Imagine the possible security risks? Shocking!

Anyway, all is clean and mostly up to date with some fresh plug-ins to replace the old, and the complete deletion of unwanted and unsupported files.

One plug-in I replaced was my Poll plug-in. It was one of those early 2004 plug-ins that had a lot of staying power. It looked good, but was fraught with many limitations. So, off to the deletion chamber it went, and is replaced with a plug-in called UPM Poll, something that I will give a few days to try and see how well it works.

The poll is up, along the side bar, at the right for this post, at the very top of the page. Please have a go at it, and cast your vote. I would really like to see how it works, and see how it looks too, and see if it holds up to the previous poll plug-in I had before. I know, another weather poll.

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