Life as a Lonely Blogger

Once again I am left with so much to say, but not enough time to regurgitated all down in text form on my very own webpage. I have been focused on work, and it has been focused on me. I am not complaining about work, nor the time that it is consuming in my life, but I am missing, very much, the quiet moments that I have when I am sitting here freely typing away my thoughts. I have hit the evil time monster of public me versus private me and the balance of harmony that I claim I have found. This last week has been busy.

The markets, particular the Gold market, has consumed my free time thoughts for the last three days. With the continuation of the recession, the wild ride of everyone’s wealth has driven Gold up to new heights. Today Gold hit another all time record of $1800.00, which for those who follow the commodity and see it a “hedge against inflation,” then this spells “doom of epic proportions” according to one of my friends who plays the money markets.

I love Gold. I own some Gold, and nothing thrills me to see it climb like it is today. But it also worries me when I see the effect the market economy has on the rest of my friends and people around me. I know that when markets slide, and governments give out bail out money to the corporations, and interest rates will either go up or down, common people are going to get hurt. But the rich and the greedy do not care, and apparently those who own Gold too, according to a co-worker. The question is, can you rest assure that you can pay your rent, or make your mortgage payments for next month?

My lack of time has also meant that I missed out on some really great summer parties with friends this last couple of weeks. As I am single, some of my friends have tried to find me that perfect match, but I really have not been looking. Like my work, over the course of the last decade, my life has been one big goal seeking exercise. When I announced that I was going to University back in 2003, friends and family laughed at me. Some mocked my tenacity at that time. Now I laugh back at them, of course having just graduated, but they all figure that I now need another “commitment” to my already overbooked life.

Well, again I have to cut my typing short, just when I am getting warmed up. Sadly, I cannot say for certain when I will return back to the keyboard and blog for another session. Hopefully I will return soon. Thomasso -signing off now.

Oh, by the way, I used four programs to create the above graphic of the blue tee: Kpovmodeler-PovRay, Inkscape and the GIMP.

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