I am Back From the Sick

I am now roughly at 80 percent good health after a four day stint being bedridden with the latest flu. How I caught the damn bug, I do not know becuase no one else around me seems to have it. Or, am I patient “Zero”? Hummm.

I did work yesterday, only becuase I had to. Mondays are our heaviest day out of the whole week, and with all the meetings, and paperwork being submitted, it was better to be there at 50 percent efficiency, than not at all, causing the cascading chaos effect throughout the office. Today I felt I was 80 percent, much much better than yesterday, but still not quite 100 percent. Muscle stiffness, headaches and a sore chest still linger, but I am healing rather fast in my opinion.

I was backed up on over 100 emails. The bulk of them were from work. So, today, I spent catching up and getting through them as best I could. If I have not gotten to yours, please hang in there, I will get to yours, as I am going to work on more tonight.

I spent half of today creating forms for staff. For a company that wanted to go paperless, bureaucracy sure put a dint in that green prime directive. Instead of putting the forms online, we now are going back to paper becuase of the un-impressive service of both Shaw Cable and Telus ADSL in British Columbia. So many of our out of town staff were complaining of not being able to connect to our Vancouver office during business hours, or having very s-l-o-w s-e-r-v-i-c-e. So much for the green initiative. Now forms are hand written, signed, then scanned, and then sent off when the Internet service is working – like off business hours. You just cannot keep a customer waiting while your ISP figures itself out. I hope we get the online system bug free very soon – handling paper is not very efficient.

At home, with four days of neglect, I started to clean. It is amazing how fast clutter piles up in four days when all you can do is move from the kitchen and back to bed, with a pit stop every now and then. I see I will be working on cleaning during next weekend – if I get a next weekend off from work?

So, until the next post. Cheers!

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