My Driveway, Your Nails

I am sure for anyone who owns a vehicle, dealing with flat tires is no fun at all. Getting them repaired, or replaced is expensive now days, not to mention the time wasted dealing with the flat becuase you really need the vehicle to go somewhere. But imagine when walking down your driveway, onto the road that you share with all of your other neighbours, and you look down and see this: nails, wire and bits and pieces of metal that can cause flat tires. I bet you too would have gotten upset, and at the very least, swept them up?

Now, what if you seen the person doing it–dumping their garbage onto the road, and not bothering to pick up the offending pieces after they were done?

I did. And I confronted the person and asked why he would leave the nails and metal pieces on the road for other’s to drive over. His answer was, “hey, mind your own business and worry about your own home…”

After myself and two other neighbours stood outside looking at this guy, I believe that he felt humiliated and eventually did clean up the garbage he had put on the road. But in hind-sight, I am sure, if I had not confronted him, the garbage would have been left there for us to drive over.  How rude.

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