Filming of Super Natural in Fort Langley

Last Tuesday and Wednesday, August 30th and 31st, Fort Langley was a buzz with filming crews shooting the hit TV show “Super Natural,” which is seen on the Space Channel here in Canada. We were given lots of advance notice of the filming. This played a huge impact on my life for those two days–I live less than a block away from where all of the filming was done. This effected my coming and going from home, my walks into town and dealing with the bright lights during the evenings. They kept the noise down, and it appears, for the most part, most of the neighbours were happy with the whole production as they tried really hard not to interfere with our lives.

The only exception were the trailer park owners how are never happy when film crews shoot in this area of town anyway. People block their driveway.

What was funny/interesting was all the activity in the twitter universe about the filming of “Super Natural.” It has a huge cult following–I found out! I mentioned once, to a friend who I knew was a die-hard “Super Natural” fanatic on Twitter, and that tweet seem to have set off a chain reaction with five or six other Twitterers who were also fans.  They wanted photos, details and locations – up to the second play by play. Way more time and effort than I was willing to give. I was swamped with requests.

On my way from work I seen about twenty women sitting on chairs on the East side of Glover Road facing the Community Hall where they were filming. All were armed with cameras with telephotos lenses. True fans!

Some did get their “money shots” and posted them on Twitter. I seen them posted online. Although I never saw the actual shooting on their set at the Hall, I did see the actor who plays Dean. He was walking across the lawn along the side of the Community Hall; it was for a split second. They had tarps and large screen that blocked the view from the main street.

Seeing the town transformed into a small American one is normal around here. It seems we get about ten or more movie productions shooting in various location in Fort Langley per year, so we are use to it. Some are big, and take days and block traffic, while most are small, and you hardly notice them. When watching TV, it is a weird feeling seeing a scene that is shoot right on my street. That is what is so cool about Fort Langley.

One Thought on “Filming of Super Natural in Fort Langley

  1. My favourite is when I go out for a walk near the Fort Langley Community Center in July only to get to walk next to a “winter wonderland” the movie people have created! This didn’t happen this year but I think it did last year? Some of the fake snow they have looks so real! 😎

    Yes, I saw all the groups of women those days when the Super Natural crew was there. The crew was so nice to me when I walked by, but some of those women with their chairs and cameras were kind of rude as they didn’t seem to care about blocking the sidewalk from people who were actually walking on the sidewalks to get errands done such as to get to the bank around there etc. 😈

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