The End of Summer

Yikes, waking up this morning and looking at the calendar seeing September on it sure was a shock. I was just getting used to August, and all of a sudden the month is over. Shock! This is the part where I think to myself, “Where has the time gone.”

Today while I was writing out my invoices, I caught myself writing down “August,” perhaps a Freudian slip,  or just a bad habit, but nonetheless, it made me think that August was too short and not hot enough to qualify as a summer month. I think the last few summers, when we were getting six weeks of heat wave, we had gotten spoiled. With so much good weather as compared to this year which seemed unusually cooler, I feel we, as a collective whole, got ripped off.

The rest of the year we get rain, and more rain, then some more rain on top of that – I think you can see the pattern. So I look forward to summer, like a child wanting sweets on Halloween, there is always that expectation of something good and memorable going to happen. Living in Vancouver, sitting the West Coast of Canada, we are prone to mild, very rainy winters. So naturally, summers are valuable and cherished times for me.

I only hope is that the good weather continues right up until October, like it did last year. Last year it was so nice, but the weather was cancelled out by the prolonged winter which continued up until late spring of this year. I just want the good stuff. I know, I am greedy and asking for the world, but hey, I am only human.

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