Thanking the Township of Langley for the Sign!

Finally something has being done! I have to congratulate the Township of Langley for erecting this sign on Mavis and McBride Street in Fort Langley, to make this corner passable and safe for everyone. This is a very smart thing to do. Parking has been a huge problem for visitors, employees from the near by businesses and the residence, such as myself, who have to drive through this maze of parked vehicles. And, according to the Motor Vehicle Act, you should be parking a few metres way from a Stop Sign anyway so that you are not blocking it.

The “No Parking” sign was erected a couple of weeks ago. I am just getting around to posting this now becuase I have been so busy. But, I was very excited to see this, and it could not have come sooner with the summer season upon us. Already this has made a huge difference in the pass ability along McBride Street. Two vehicles can safely pass each other on this stretch of road now, where as many times before it was impossible. Imagine, driving down the block, only to have to back up to let the person ahead of you by becuase of the “sea of parked cars” along each side of the “already narrow” street as it could only accommodate a single lane becuase of this?

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