The Labour Day Weekend

Well, this is it, our last weekend of unofficial summer. From here on in we must start bracing for fall, or winter, which ever comes first. Right now it seems that summer can go on for ever, but experience tells me that all of this wonderful weather can end in a day, and the Northern hemisphere can be enveloped into darkness for the next six to seven months. What a dismal thought?

As a precursor to the fall season, I have already started on my Halloween costume. I want to have it done well before the festivities start. This year I will have the lights, the mannequins and scary photos adorning my home. I know this will spark a holy war with my neighbour who believes that anything pagan is punishable to public prosecution, but last year, we, as in the rest of my neighbours, asked him to mind his own business and stick to himself, and we would do the same. So far we are one big happy neighbourhood, but that could end at any moment. But that will not put a damper on my Halloween—he can move!

My friends are going back to their classes for their fall semester starting tomorrow. I already miss those days. Yes, I miss the new classroom smells, and that feeling of starting off a new term, and getting new textbooks and supplies. OK, I am happy that I have no more classes, and that I have money in my wallet because I do not have to give it to admissions, but damn it, I had so much fun back then. My friends look at me with envy, and I look at them with nostalgia. School, it conjure up both hell and happiness, I miss it.

So tomorrow, I go back to work. It will be a super busy day, like having two Mondays wrapped up into one. Fall is also a busiest time out of the year for us, so extra pressure will be on us to get the job done. In a way I am looking forward to it. I guess part of old age is knowing what to expect based on having been there and done that—the philosophy of a Gen-X’er. I am also mindful that our economy it still hurting, and that at any moment North America could come crashing down into a economic abyss. I listen, watch and prepare, while working as hard as I can but knowing that this could be a harsh year if the wrong path is taken. “We will see,” as my optimums friend says.

Now for some summer fun relaxation before the clouds roll in!

One Thought on “The Labour Day Weekend

  1. I also get nostalgic for the school days around this time of year! It happens every year and I’ve been out of uni a lot longer than you, so get used to that feeling every year! 😆

    For me, I miss the excitement of starting a new class in something I love to learn about (psych, philosophy, and especially literature!). I do not have this feeling about classes I had to take that I didn’t love, but just needed the credits for. But yes, the smell of fresh new text books, the chance to read, read and read. Writing essays (my strong suit…) Now, you’ve made me ?school sick? (not home sick, so school sick!) Oh well, with my job I still get to learn new stuff all the time, but right now it’s in the dental field which is not so interesting for me LOL, but, hey, it’s work!! 😯

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