A Trip to Sooke, BC

This was my trip to Vancouver Island on September 11, 2011, in photos, when I went to buy my sister’s SUV. So me and a friend went on the long trek from Fort Langley, to Sooke, BC, to drive a vehicle what may, or may not have, made it back under its own steam. We made it, with minor issues with a dead battery, but the trip was great. Lots of stories for the dinner table now!

Yes, JM, I made it back! Safe and sound. The Pathfinder did die on us while on the Ferry, but they were nice to help us with the jump-start. We did get home, although hours latter than expected, but it was worth it. The truck passed Air-Care, and Cam had a blast while on Vancouver Island. If I did not know him better, I think he really likes Southern Vancouver island–a lot?

So, here are some photos I took of the round trip while on the Ferry.

One Thought on “A Trip to Sooke, BC

  1. Really beautiful! I can almost feel the wind in my hair lol. I think I spend more time outside than inside when I’m on the ferry. 😀

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