The Need to Say Something

Just typing out a few things to keep everyone up to speed on what is going on here at Thomasso Head Quarters.

I now have a sea of 1995 Nissan Pathfinders swarming my place. People are wondering what is going on over here, as I have all these vehicles parked around me. Truth is, only one will remain as the other one is going to the Pathfinder resting place where it will spend its final days as a Pathfinder. I am stripping as much of the useful parts from it as I can before I declare it unfit for road use. The sad reality is that the poor vehicle has a broken frame, so its days were numbered long ago, and is unsafe to drive.

I will be attending a series of meetings coming up this weekend with some volunteer organisations that I am dealing with. Of course, these are centred around corrections, and could put me within the scope of Restorative Justice. There seems to be a real need for volunteer facilitators who have academic qualifications. The problem is lack of funding. We will see what the news is for 2012 and beyond sounds like for this?

The allergic reaction that I had with the paint and other chemicals last week has almost healed, particularly around my face. I still have lots of dry, itchy, skin around my eyes, but for the most part, I am find. Damn chemicals – what is that stuff they put in paint anyway?

Well, that is it for now. Glad hump-day has passed. 🙂

One Thought on “The Need to Say Something

  1. Glad things are going well at “Thomasso Head Quarters” lol. My own allergic reaction (to those damn little summer microscopic creatures that hide out in the tall grass — chiggers) is doing better too. Now I have something weirder to add to my previous weird allergies to Mandarin oranges and poppy seeds! 😯 🙄

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