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As most of you know by now, or those who had taken the time to catch it on the news, Canada, following along with United States, is now fully embracing digital Off Air Television. Gone are the old analogue signals that were standard for most older types television set, mainly the Cathode Ray Tube, (CRT) televisions that preceded the flat screen television with digital tuners we have now. As of three weeks ago, those analogue channels are gone in the more heavy populated areas of Canada, and soon to follow the rural areas, every station will only pump out digital quality signals.

There are two important points to this change. First, your old CRT television will still work, but you will have to buy a converter and an antenna becuase your old “rabbet ears” antenna will be useless–unless you live right beside the transition tower. Second, if you have a newer type television, you will have a built in digital tuner, so just an antenna will be needed. Yes, that flat screen TV will seek out the digital signals and bring them in for you.

The bonus: those signals that are coming to you off air, are in uncompressed high definition format. In other words, the single that is coming to you from off the air waves is the best quality format you will ever get. The high definition, (HD) from off air is true HD, unlike your cable or satellite provider’s HD, which has to undergo a compression to uncompression process from which quality, and signal strength is always sacrificed. You are getting the best signal possible, and without compression form the source, and with no wires, the signal is either on, or off–no in between, so quality is almost a sure thing.

Digital TV signals are different from the old analogue signals. There are differences in signal strength, like with all radio waves, but unlike analogue, your TV have a processor that converts the digital signal into the images on the screen. So, if your signal is weak, but still getting though, you will only see great quality HD TV. Only when the signal is no longer able to be processed by your tuner, then the image stops–or freezes. So you either will have the signal, or you will not. This is why you do not have all the problems that came with the old analogue transmissions.

For me, it is hard looking my HD on my Cable becuase the difference is huge. And I get 7 Canadian and 4 American channels in Fort Langley with my antenna! Sweet! And more seem to be popping up as the days go by. I just have to rescan my TV every couple of days to check for them.

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