And Yet Another Film Crew In Town

Another film is being shot in Fort Langley. This one is being done today at the ESSO gas station right on Glover Road. They are even block off the road for short periods of time for the actual shooting.the name of the film (or movie) is called “The Haunting Hour.” Personally, I never heard of if, but it is probably not my (cup of tea type) genre anyway.

What is weird about this film crew and location that when I came home from work today, I saw “Construction” and “Detour”signs, but there was no construction, nut instead it was the filming crews at the gas station. I thought to myself that this is not right, I mean, this is like falseĀ  advertising when there was on construction–or was there?

Well, anyway, the town was busy. All the people driving around to have a look, and the traffic tie up, made for an extra few minutes of driving home. once home, I stayed home.

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