Great, Fall Already?

When I got up this morning and I look outside, I thought to myself, “great, it’s fall, and I miss summer already.” But the day turned out really muggy and humid. It felt like 30C, rather than the 23C the outside thermometer was reading. I was sweating when I was moving stuff outside today. It also explained why the office had the air conditioning turned on during work too.

Even tonight it is really, unusually, warm out. Here it is, almost 7:00pm and it is twilight, and yet, the air and humidity is still warm enough to complain about the muggieness.  This is a screen shot of my Gnome  Calendar/Weather apt., from my Desktop:

What is cool about the screen-shot (above) is that it shows the night time period in real time, or dark side of the Earth, and it is a perfect rectangle, meaning that the Sun is right over the Equator. Usually either one of the poles is completely dark.

So, prediction time: What will this fall/winter be like? Comparing it to last year, I hope we get a better (shorter) winter for 2011-12. I am still bummed out from last winter.

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