Getting Totally Side Tracked

Well, there is nothing like getting totally side tracked when you are having fun. The new video card had opened the door to a whole new world of PC goodness, all at the expense of my precious time. I am now able to play 3D video games that were otherwise beyond the power of my previous machines, and to my amazement, I like them now; every pixel energy sucking one of them.

Like “Extreme Tux,” from my September 28, 2011 post, not only can I play the game, but I can also screen-capture the event too and play them back as a movie – in HD quality.

So here I am playing “Open Area,” a free Open Source 3D arcade style video game, that requires a huge video acceleration card to make it work. I seem to have more than enough power to play this game.

Warning: This game is not for children, and contains violent graphic content that may be offensive to some. Viewer discretion is advised.


One Thought on “Getting Totally Side Tracked

  1. You have to much time on your hands once again!!!!!

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