Fort Langley Cranberry Fest 2011

This year the Cranberry Festival caught me off guard. Normally I am up to speed on these things becuase every year since I have lived in Fort Langley, I have been asked to participate in it in some form or fashion. I guess I can truly say that I am “busy” enough to not see this coming this year. If it were not for my twitter friends, I would have been wondering why the town is shut down to traffic?

So because I live a block away from the down town area, it was nothing for me to walk to the Post Office and snap some photos as I walked. Here is just a sample of the images I captured while walking through town at 2:00pm today.

For Information on the Fort Langley Cranberry Festival, please go here: Fort Langley Cranberry Fest

Until next year!

2 Thoughts on “Fort Langley Cranberry Fest 2011

  1. In the first pic, is that a bin full of cranberry s or is that candy?

    I like the pic with kids playing on the pumpkin, to cute.

  2. No JM, those are cranberries. I would never eat candies that are handled like that, eeew.

    Re: the kid on the pumpkin. If it weren’t for all the people (the place was packed) I could have had a shot of them sitting on it, it was shaped like a chair. They looked so comfortable. Getting a good photos was next to impossible becuase of so many people walking in front of you.

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