Received Notice to Vacate

I was just told minutes ago that the park I live in is going to be sold, and that my notice has been given from my landlord that I have until May, 2013 to vacate the property before then. This gives me 19 months to make my choice as to where I want to relocate.

I guess being told that you have to move is a scary thing, but to be quite honest, I was prepared for it. Fort Langley it a town of very unique qualities, and due to its proximity to the major urban areas, it has garnered the reputation as the secret hidden Jewel of the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. We all knew that the trailer park and the property behind the Fire hall is “the undeveloped land resource” and that it is fit for the next building boom to hit the town. I do not know what will be built here, but from the talk that I had with the current land owner, it sounds big.

Perhaps the real shock value will go to the property owners of Fort Langley who live here around the property. I can see condos being built here as the market seems to be supporting that kind of development.

2 Thoughts on “Received Notice to Vacate

  1. Oh this is not good for me. I seriously can’t afford anywhere else as I could barely afford this. Why were you given a notice and I wasn’t? I don’t get it. I’ll send you an email. I’m shocked! 😯

  2. You know, Granisle, BC is looking better and better everyday. If I didn’t have a child and could find a job, I’d move there in a heartbeat… hip hip hooray for the unlimited growth paradigm! 🙄

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