SunSet on McBride Street

I am laughing at myself right now becuase I tell everyone around me that change is good, and that always, something positive is going to happen to you, and yet I found myself thinking today that I do not want to change. As you may have read in the previous post about where I am living now, the property has been sold to a building developing company, and that I will have to find a new home before that transfer date. I was looking at the Sunset, and how that moment in time was fitting marking the the end of an era in my life where seeing those Sunsets are now numbered from my living room window on McBride Street.

I guess I was applying too much thought into a problem that really does not exist. I can see the Sunset from almost anywhere on Earth, yet knowing that I may not see them from that street (or vantage point) ever again, made me over think my resistance to change. I sum up the Sunset as a relationship to my time spent living there, and that as my time living there nears to an end, the setting Sun represents the last chapter on that part of my life.

I quickly snapped out of that thought, and moved onto other more pressing issues that needed my time and energy. The thought of seeing that Sunset stayed with me for some time afterwards, and I reflected on it after eating dinner once again. “Good old change,” I thought to myself, “you are a bastard child that keeps on knocking at my door when I least expect you.”

So, I made my peace with change, and now I am embracing it. I now need this change, as I need it more than ever. I need to step away from McBride Street, and all of its problems and issues that I have with it, and move on in my life. This now marks the steppingstone of a new direction, a new place of reference, a journey that may take me to the other side of the Earth. With the power of all the Gods, I take change and kiss it; that it becomes the power to move me through time and space as I will it too, and not the other way around. Change.

3 Thoughts on “SunSet on McBride Street

  1. Maybe you and Change should get a room… 😯


  2. LOL RadMan 😆

    I like your attitude toward change though. I never think that change for the sake of change should be forced to be thought of as a good thing. (Like when people vote for a different political party, not for the inherent values or proposed actions, but for the sake of change itself.)

    I also don’t think it should be thought of as a bad thing. (Simply because something is changing, it may not be a negative change at all.)Instead, I see change as mostly neutral (with the potential for both scary-good and scary-bad) BUT also as something we can manipulate through first defining, then carefully choosing our options!

  3. CHANGE OR DIE is a pretty dramatic reaction to things. You know what I like thinking?

    It’s much more fun. And keeps things in perspective.

    It’s an adventure.

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