A Weekend of Stuff To Do

I have so much stuff to do, I am way past laughing at it; I now just hit that stage where you just sit there and ponder the list, and mentally place priorities on each item. Of course, nothing goes according to plan. From winterising my place, to cleaning up unfinished projects, I knew time was not on my side.

I wanted to clean up my computer upgrade this weekend. Also, and unexpectedly, the latest upgrade of Ubuntu came along on the 14th, so I knew I had to get that done so that I could clean up all the parts and cases from the hardware I installed last week. When I started the upgrade, it went smooth, and quick. I was happy until I rebooted the computer and the dumb Unity Desktop popped up. I hate that desktop, so I went to switch back to Classic Gnome, and it was gone. In fact, a lot of the programs that I liked were gone. They were there, but they were not migrated over to Ubuntu 11.10, and there no plans to migrate them ever. So, I started searching for fixes to restore the Ubuntu Desktop back to the way I like it. This will take some time. I am frustrated about that.

The cost of things here in Vancouver are now starting to become noticeably high. I know the media is most always days and weeks behind on theses changes, but I do believe that inflation is creeping up at a faster rate then what I thought it was going to be. I went to buy some building supplies to start winterising my place and items like pink foam insulation almost double from six weeks ago when I bought them. Screws and nails really climb up in prices. I actually stopped short my buying spree, and focused on going back home and digging through my buckets of odd and ends for come items.

It is getting cooler out. I got out my winter quilt last night after I found spending more time wrapping my blankets around then sleeping. Maybe they are right, those weather predictor guys who are calling for a super cold winter this year, saying that condition are ripe for record breaking winter temperatures? I hope they are wrong, I really do.

Well, back to my list.

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