Winter Is For Wimps

I just spent the last couple of days preparing for the next two seasons, this one, fall, and the inevitable approaching winter. The last two weeks I saw the mercury drop to 4C while the day time high only got up to the mid teens, a sure sign that this could be a cold one this year. Also, I am spending more time away from home, so I have not been heating the place while I am out. Costs, as we are all focusing on economics, is going to be a big factor on how well and how comfortable we will want be this winter. Putting all of this together, I am going to make my home as energy efficient as possible, while at the time, cutting back on heating as much as I can to save money.

Over the last weekend I bought some pink Styrofoam insulation, in sheets of approximately 2 x 0.57 metres, by about 2cm thick. My goal is to cover them with dark material, and place them inside my window panes at night, or in areas where I spend little time. I use to cover my windows with plastic sheets, but I found that that method really is not that great, especially when the temperature really sinks below freezing.The cold still creeps in with plastic sheets; the foam should stop that altogether.

I should point that there is a rule about placing sheets of foam in your windows. Do not leave them in the windows where there is direct Sun light. The heat build up between the glass and the foam can crack your window when the thin layer of air becomes super heated!

I am also doing the weather stripping around my doors too. I have some on my door-jams now, but I found a product that really works better, and does the bottom of the door too. Doors and windows seem to be where I see the cold coming in.

My goal, like last year, is to cut my heating bill down by 20 percent. Last year, I made it, thanks to a prolonged heat spell during last October, but almost did not make due to a prolonged winterish spring that lasted right up until the last part of May, 2011. Heating during the winter is a balancing act that means some form of sacrificing, and maintaining a happy comfortable lifestyle. Sure, I can cut the heat way down to 15C inside, but then life would would be awful. So, I am hoping that between the winterising and cutting back on heat, I can save a few bucks, while living happily ever after during the winter time.

I wish that I could install a fireplace, but that is impossible due to current by-laws.

Happy winter everyone!

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