A Quick Post to End the Week With

Just letting everyone know that I am still alive, and as usual, I got caught up on everything else and could not find the time to post.

I have two posts that I want to get up on here, but they are requiring a little bit more time than I originally anticipated. So, for now, I threw this up to keep you up-to-date.

I am working – a lot. This is good, but it sure takes a hit on my social scene.

For all my friends who have Ubuntu, there is an upgrade now, Ubuntu 11.10, as I posted earlier this week on, but some have already found a little bit too much, while some are OK with the learning curve. Time will tell, and you all will get through it. I am forcing myself to live with the new Desk Top, and I am starting to find my way around it, and I feel that I am adapting to it with a satisfactory level of efficiency.

It is getting cooler out. The trees here are now showing off their autumn colours. Very pretty for the camera. But the rain, the past couple of days, holy cow! Could this be a brutal winter, or what?

One Thought on “A Quick Post to End the Week With

  1. Tom

    You have no time to post I know, because I am one of the lucky ones you so generously gave of your time to this weekend.Can I just scream this part – I HAVE A LAPTOP! AT LONG LAST! AND IT IS FABULOUS AND I HAVE THE LATEST UBUNTU!
    I am so grateful for your expertise Tom. Tonight I have been happily working on a completely fantastic system – I have a laptop, the latest Ubuntu, internet, sound, a screen that isn’t hurting my eyes, tea and a doughnut. You get my point. It has been so wonderful working on my project without the frustration of my old stuff. Thanks Tom. So much. You are a great friend. Avocados coming your way!


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