Halloween 2011

With night-time so early this time of year, the kids did not have long to wait for their time to hit the road and start pillaging the town for treats. Almost as soon as I got home from work I could see parents with their little ones walking the streets in their costumes knocking on doors asking for treats. What struck me this year was the low-key Halloween decorations and lack of the festive atmosphere in Fort Langley that normally takes place. I have some theories.

Fort Langley, in my experience, is a agrarian based society of which Halloween seems extra special becuase it got everyone out to dances, and brought the neighbours together on the cool fall nights that otherwise would keep people inside. The changing face of this little town is that it is going through a growth-spurt, and I believe that this is causing the shift in how people are celebrating this festive time. Farming is almost gone, or, they are now a very small segment of the population. The middle class home-owner now dominates this town, and dances and gatherings are all but a thing of the past now. The down town area is almost void of people, and I see many heading away from town for tonight’s events.

Halloween on a Monday just does not work either. I say make this a statutory holiday! Whose with me?

So this year I was surprised to see only a few establishments showing off their pumpkin carvings, and they seem to have less people than pumpkins inside celebrating. When I say that this town is dead, I mean, very quiet, not zombie dead.

I did not have to walk far to see the latest building development site in town. I live not too far from it, so I can see it every day; I also walked down to it, taking some photos to record the progressing changes in this part of town. Anything on the North side of the tracks people here call Bedford Landing, while everything else on the South side is Fort Langley. But, if you live in Bedford landing, well, then, this is Fort Langley–pure and simple. Again, very little Halloween activity going over there too.


So, about the only scariest thing I saw in town were these story-book mushrooms. Why I think they are scary, well, they just are?

So, a boring Halloween in Fort Langley (so far, as the night is still young). And what am I doing this year? Well, I do not know yet. A part of me wants to leave and go partying, but I do have work tomorrow, so a Monday Halloween may mean me staying home watching TV, or something like that. I will think of something, I am sure.

Happy Halloween!

One Thought on “Halloween 2011

  1. Nice photos. 😀 I could hear a lot of music noise and fireworks later on down in the Fort on Halloween night — around 9. I don’t know what was going on but I had to turn up The Omen. 70s horror movies seem so cheesy now, but I liked it anyway since it fitted a Halloween mood. 👿 Yeah, that was *my* Halloween night — watching The Omen and eating a chicken dinner with sugar-free treats for dessert. (I’m diabetic and my sugar readings have been too high lately to eat high test Halloween candy.)

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