Too Far Gone for November

Here we are at the start of a whole new month, and already I managed to forget that it is not October any more, when I kept writing last month’s date at my work today. On top of this, it feels like it is going to snow. Several of my Twitter friends are saying that they noticed this also, so this could mean that very soon, snow and ice will replace the landscape here in the Valley. This does seem to be the signal for November, ushering in the winter season and our five month deep-freeze?

We can only hope that we are spared, and the arctic cold stays where is should, up in the Arctic.

November is also Movember. If you did not get it, Mo-vemeber is when men are asked to grow their moustaches in the name of cancer, and help raise money and awareness to fight prostate cancer. So, around here anyway, you should see a growing population of men with moustaches. Last year, while I was attending University, many of the male students that could sprout a ‘stash, ended up growing the full facial beard, and the walk down the hallways seemed to evoke Grizzly Adams types. Funny though, some women love the look, while others thought that look was awful. “To each their own,” the saying goes.

This month also marks the busiest time of the year for me. Both my work and social life seem to be at their peak. Sadly there is no way of saving some of it for February, or March, when it is dead and boring, but these are cycles of our modern lifestyles, and change is not an option. I always get though it though.

Here we go, let the fun continue!

Oh, by the way, the title of this post, “Too Far Gone for November” came from a song that my friends wrote in a rock’n roll band we started way back when I was living in Toronto. The month November effected all of us, and for my friends, back in those days, this was the month of change, either positive, or negative.

4 Thoughts on “Too Far Gone for November

  1. November as “the month of change, either positive or negative” is very interesting to me as yes, it’s quite true in my experience right now. It’s also my birth month, so it’s significant for me that way too. Maybe this is why even though I may freak out a bit about big changes at first, I tend to really get on board with change really fast and adapt?

    As it stands now, I may go from ‘country mouse’ to ‘city mouse’ in my living environment. It may be goodbye bucolic Fort Langley, hello bustling West End — my dream neighborhood!! I’ll have to wait and see whether it will be positive — yes, I’m moving there, or negative — no, I’ll have to pick somewhere else that will always pale in comparison…. ❓

  2. So, just to clarify for anyone else not familiar with downtown Vancouver neighborhoods, 😀 , no my “dream neighborhood” is *not* the Downtown Eastside lol!!!! 😆 Rather, the West End which is the upscale area encompassing Robson Street and Stanley Park etc.

    I really can’t wait to go there, but I have a few other options ready in case I can’t. I’m thinking positively though and am pretty sure I can do it. I just feel in my element down there — hard to explain, but I do. I lived on the 21st floor of an apartment with my dad and stepmother when I was a teen and worked down at the Bentall Towers — Bentall 4, my favorite! — in my 20s.

    Since I’m back to not driving, it’s ideal that way too. I can walk to everything — Sunset Beach, English Bay, Stanley Park, the library on Robson and even the Pacific Center shopping complex etc. There are also at least 4 grocery stores to walk to including an IGA with two stories and an escalator! Of course, there are also buses I can take and I’d be close to the Burrard Street Skytrain Station too. The West End is such a cool area! 😎

    Cross your fingers for me and I’ll keep you posted!! (I’m actually more pumped about this than buying a condo in Abbotsford!! 😀 )

  3. Thanks for clearing that up.

    I hope it all works out for you and you get accepted. That sounds exciting and prosperous!

    Also, I hope you consider going down the road of getting a blog so that you can post your adventures. It would be fun to keep up with you after you move from the park.

    Keep warm tonight – happy thoughts!

  4. That is sweet, Tom — thanks for your good wishes. 😀 An “adventure” is exactly how I like to think of all this. I hadn’t planned on leaving the park for at least 5 years, or when I received the inheritance I was promised so I could buy a condo in Abbottsford. Now neither of those things will happen, so yes, it sure is adventure time for me now! lol!

    I definitely *will* be doing a blog, but I don’t know when. I’m working on the application as well as trying to get extra work done to have money for furniture etc. Part of the adventure is whether I’ll have any furniture if I do get accepted there fast since when you live in a motor home everything is secured to the floor! lol 😆

    You will be one of the first to know when my blog is up so we can continue to keep in touch after I move from the park. I plan on following your blog too!

    Stay warm too — at least it won’t be a cold as it was a few nights ago! brrrrr ❗

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