Rendering the “D” that Failed me Three Times

Yes, as you can tell from my twisted title, it is one of those afternoons, and nothing seems to be going right with this computer and its operating system. I think I am a little grumpy too, from lack of sleep becuase it was a very cold last night, and I was too lazy to get up out of bed and turn up the heat. Now I am paying for it. Ok, enough cranky-pants attitude here!

For those who follow my blog, religiously, you know that I love my 3D graphics. My choice of rendering software is PovRay, and I like to use a very small, light weight, program called Kpovmodeller. However since the latest upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10, the KDE libraries have being taken out, and the little graphic rendering program no longer works. I could probably get it going, but this would mean investing hours, time that I do not have. So to compensate, I have switched, not by choice, to a program that is also open source, and appears to run on just about all platforms, Wing3D.

Wings3D is not what I am used to as a 3D graphics rendering program. In fact, it is a little bit more complicated than my beloved KDE software that I adore, but, for now, this is all I have to get me through.

Remember that this is stock, the default settings, with no tweaking, just slapping three objects together after I figured out how to do that, then pressed “Render.” Nice, but by no means what I was going after. The text, well, the text looks weird too. Actually, the whole thing looks like it was submerged in chocolate, and you are seeing it just after it was taken out–still wet and runny–but without the drippings.

So this maybe the official 3D graphics software for a while yet. I guess I could grow to like it, but I will forever miss my Kpovmodeller.

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