Stay on Standard Time!

Over the last four days I have being trying to deal with the time change. Last Sunday we switched from Daylight Savings Time to Standard Time, and my body feels like crap. I am out of sync becuase of it. I am shaking my head as to why we even bother now that we light our cities with light bulbs, and everyone in North America no long cares about the environment (Canada’s Fall Short on it’s Green House Gas Targets… CBC news) , so running lights 24/7 is a none issue. So why I ask?

My adjustment has not been without cause for alarm. I had a close call while driving yesterday. It was stupid really; but for one split second I would have been hit by another vehicle pulling out onto the road while I was driving by. It would have been his fault, but I was extra tired even thought I had enough sleep. I was groggy from the time shift.

Based on last year, I will assume that it will take me about another couple of weeks before I completely readjust to the one hour difference this year. This is utter chaos for me becuase of shift I have where I work. I commute both ways during rush hour now where I work, you could call it Banker’s Hours – 9 to 5.

OK, I am probably not going to single handedly change the system, nor do I want to expend any energy fighting a bunch of law makers about it. So perhaps my little post, on my insignificant blog, could plant a seed and set off an change-reaction that could change the world and rid our nation of moving time around like this. I mean we have one province (most of Saskatchewan) who does not adhere to changing the clocks around twice a year? Also, parts of British Columbia do not as well (Daylight Savings Time In Canada).

Down with Daylight Savings Time. We have light bulbs, and we value our well being over a hand full of corporations who think it is a good idea–they are not people, we are. Say NO to daylight Savings Time in Canada!

Now for my nap becuase I am tired now.

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