I will be There to See Them Lay a Wreath of Poppies

Tomorrow is Remembrance’s Day. At 11:00pm, on November 11th, the War Memorial in Fort Langley will be full of people who will stand and offer one minute of silence to those who fought and died in all wars that this country has participated in. Today I thought as to why I should treat tomorrow as a statutory holiday, and why it made me feel guilty. I asked myself some hard questions today.

Should I be happy that I will have time off from work, and use November 11th as a day for myself to rest and relax?

Should I work instead on my own projects becuase my time is consumed with work and academic commitments, and I should take care of those first?

Should I get up, as I normally would on a work day, and join the masses that will walk the five block long route and stand with the few people who will lay wreaths at the cemetery?

On one side of my mind is the selfishness of my life, blending ethics and knowledge of my country, with my hard at work lifestyle and drive to full fill the needs of my career. The competition based lifestyle that says “I” come first becuase no one else will look after me, will try and trump my higher thinking. While on the other side, my deeper consciousness, I know what the reality is of why we Canadians do this every year, and what the importance is of November 11. If we did not, then we would easily forget, as per my excuses at the beginning of this paragraph state, and wars, and those who died in them would be forgotten. It would be all pointless without these ceremonies, and selfishness and regret would fill our lives instead. My mind teeters on these two choices tomorrow.

Yes, I will be there. I will stand for one minute, with everyone else in the rain, to pay remembrance. It is the least that I can do.

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