Passing Some Time Away – On Art

I could not sleep this morning. I laid in bed for most of the night becuase I was restless, but I think I could be coming down with something?

Oh, I hope it is not something like a flu?

Anyway, I fired up the PC and tinkered with this 3D PovRay program again (Wings3D) and tried to see if I could make heads or tails out of it. I think I made some progress with it?

Check this out:

I managed to figure out how the light settings work. I am still working on how to create different surfaces and textures on various objects. I can see that there is still a lot of work trying to figure out all of the functions on this program still. It is a small, but bery versitile peice of software.

6:18am – I should start to get ready for the day. I think I down becuase it is raining out like crazy?

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