Unpinning Your Poppy

I saw something that I never seen before here in British Columbia, people unpinning their poppies from their jackets and placing them by the wreaths at the cemetery after the Remembrance Day ceremony was finished.  It was not until I started watching the CBC News channel on the television that I saw people in Ottawa and Winnipeg doing this very same thing in their ceremonies.

This is a very interesting and a most fitting way to honour this day because it allows everyone to go up to the memorial and contribute a part of them, the same way the Veterans place their wreaths. Although only a few people were doing it, I can see this becoming part of the ceremonies in the years to come across the country.


2 Thoughts on “Unpinning Your Poppy

  1. That’s interesting! I haven’t seen that before either. Hope your place is warmed up again after the power failure. Mine is better thanks to having my oil heater back again! Well, back to work while watching TV. Enjoy your Friday night. 😎

  2. I think this added practice is both well meaning and adds more to people involvement to the Rememberer Day meaning.

    I slept well, but fear a flu coming on. 🙁

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