Testing the New $100 Bill Out

Yes, I got one. A band-new crisp – plastic – One hundred dollar bill, fresh from the Canadian Mint. My first thought when I held it for the first time was, “this is weird.”

When I heard that the mint was going to be releasing a plastic One hundred dollar bill, I was sceptical. Actully, I laughed, becuase I always cracked jokes that sooner or later the Banks are only give out credit cards instead of cash to Canadians. The joke goes on to say  that we would have no choice but to use their curacy instead of legal tender. I thought that time had finally come when I heard this news of plastic money coming out. I had visions of plastic card being issued to every Canadian, and you got one for life Рyou just keep loading it up with credit every time you got paid from work. Perhaps a plot for a good story of Canada in the future?

It was last month that I seen the new looking bills for the first time on CBC News Television. CBC interviewed some of the people on the street to see if they could see some of the “sexual” images that people claimed to have seen from the mint’s focus group. I can say, you need a pritty good imagination to come up with that.

The bills feels weird. It is, with out any doubt, plastic. The texture, the transparent – see through – parts, are cool looking, and the anti-counterfeiting features are also pretty cool too. The little 3D holograms, and texts that appears when you hold the bill up to the light, also looks freakishly cool.

I like it. I am looking forward to seeing the other bills come out.

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