Civic Election Day and Hard Water

In the freezing air this morning I marched down to the Fort Langley Elementary School, which is the polling station for Fort Langley in the Langley Township, and I cast my ballot. I was happy to see so many out voting with me. There was a line-up! Perhaps a good sign that people are out taking action for their community, rather than sitting at home complaining about their government. It will be interesting to see how the voter turnout numbers are this year?

Cold. Freezing fricking cold out this morning. We have been pampered over the last few years with warmer than average winters, but today it felt like a mid January day, not the Novembers that I am used to.  My neighbour’s water froze last night, and it really did not get warm enough to thaw out the water lines until late in the afternoon. It is days like this that you really appreciate liquid water instead of that cold hard stuff we have outside right now.

My walk to and from the polling station this morning was a good one. I brought the camera with me becuase it was an awesome sunny day, despite the cold it was a completely clear sky. I took several shots around the town, and I really got some good shots too. I have posted them in my photo gallery, which you can see along the right column of this page, or you can go to the “Pages” link and view all the galleries from there – which I recommend.

Fort Langley is growing and changing. Today was a fitting time to ponder what is in store for this little village, with the civic election taking place. Many long time residence are unhappy that the town is growing with new development, but at the same time, their property value are going up, making retirements plans gleam with options. Sadly, with higher property values, come higher property taxes. Voting has never being more critical than today!

One week after Remembrance Day, the poppies still lay at the War Memorial in Fort Langley along Glover Road. I believe that more people have placed their poppies at the Memorial since the ceremony back on the 11th? I saw a young woman walk by the wreaths, and she bowed her head for a moment as she stopped, then walked on. Very touching.

The IGA is coming back! Normally something this big should have its own post on the blog, but I am in a hurry to get this post done, so I am throwing a shot of this afternoons photo-shoot of the vacant IGA lot right now. I will write about this news soon thought, as it has really effect my life, and many others her.Soon, we will have our market back in town. Heck, we will be a town once again! Welcome back IGA! We missed you!

The IGA lot at the corner of Mavis and Glover Road.

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