Frosty Morning

This is, without doubt, the coldest morning/day of the year–so far for us folks in the Fraser Valley. We hit a whopping minus 4C overnight, and there are warning that a Pacific storm front will hit us tonight, possibly dumping snow overnight for Monday morning. The outer coast have wind warnings up already, while we may get our warnings tonight for snow-or-rain. Anyway, the good clear cold weather continues this morning, so while I was out doing laundry over at the Laundromat, I snapped a series of shots of the plants along the fence in my back yard.

This plant, I believe is raspberry, but it sure does not look happy–if plants could express feelings–this is what I read from it. The frost looks really neat with this lens, a 18-55mm, and I love how I can get the background out of focus. It is so nice to get this focus effect for a change.

I love my mistakes (above). This was just a “shot in the dark,” but after looking at on my computer monitor, I fell in love becuase it has its own unexpected feel to it compared to the other photographs of the same plant. I see a totally different world in this image than the one I captured from the other images at that moment. So, let me know what your thoughts are on this, or any of my photos I have posted.

For tomorrow, expect some snow shots with my camera, if it does indeed snow. I like the night time effect of snow and lights around town–another sweet spot for me with photography.

One Thought on “Frosty Morning

  1. I really like the frosted plant photo! It’s great to see a positive side of this cold weather as I’ve been getting pretty cranky about it! 😀

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