Online Dependency at Work

A small tragedy occurred at my work today. Just a small glitch, but it was system wide, and I had a few hours to stop and ponder just where do me and you stand as far as our interconnectedness on the web goes?

Our dependency on email and the web is huge at my work. I mean, I spend more time looking into a monitor screen at hundreds of lines of texts everyday than talking to real live people. I also spend almost an equal amount of time typing replies while uploading and downloading data from our servers and websites and the odd time, talking on the phone. We have a joke where I work, the keyboards are louder than the chatter of human voices.

When our system went down, as part of a regular maintenance upgrade goes, a crash occurred at bootup and it lasted far beyond the one hour scheduled for the outage.  We had to invent things to do while our workstations sat idle.

So, when the server went back up, we all went back to work. I was laughing at myself becuase I actually felt guilty that we lost so much productivity, and I missed an appointment in the mess too. But from outside work, no one seems to care.

Is it possible that we have gone too far with the net in the workplace?

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