I shoot My Camera at Night

I love night time photography, especially shooting objects like the sky, capturing the stars and distance objects, it has always fascinated me. Now that I have a fairly good DSLR to do all these wonderful things with, getting the time, and having the right conditions to do them in, has been difficult. Today, I have been dealing with a flu bug, and bad weather. when I was able to muster up enough energy, I stood out on my porch, under cover where the rain could not get me, and fired off a few shots, changing settings and making adjustments on the camera as I went.

It took a while, and about 20 shots, before I started to get close to what I wanted. The ISO settings was the last part of the equation for me to understand with this camera. The camera goes up to 64000 1600 ISO, and when you shoot at that level, every shot was super grainy with long exposures. When I found the button for the ISO setting, it all started to fall in place for me. My f-stop settings made sense now from the desired ISO I wanted, and I could at least use the shutter speed setting the way it was intended be used for night time photography. So I ended off the night with this shot, taken from my porch, with the following settings – ISO 200, 15sec, F8, 0EV, 55mm.

It was raining very hard, and I waited between wind gusts to take this shot. I did other shots of the distant part of the neighbourhood, but this was the best as far as crispness and clarity goes. Now I have to work on setting the white balance as this setting will greatly fine-tune the image quality for me.

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