Getting Closer To My Goal of Capturing the Stars

I am getting closer to capturing the stars with my camera that way I want. The storm had passed this afternoon, but leaving lots of clouds, but there were some breaks in the weather around 6:00pm. I grabbed my tripod and camera and headed down to the railway tracks and started taking long exposure shots, but this time starting at my lowest ISO setting, ISO 100 and working my way to a good setting. The flu bug that I caught last week started to loosen up enough so that I could go outside without catching a chill, but still had that drip from my sinuses.It was a good time for night shots.

I found that I seem to be stuck at the ISO200 setting until I can get a remote switch for my shutter. The camera has a 30 second timer for the shutter, so this setting is my bench mark that I am using for these shots. I know I will have to go up to 60 seconds exposures to capture the stars the way I want to with the ISO100. However, I did figure out that the lower the F-stop setting, the happier my camera was at taking these long exposure shots.

The clouds has an interesting effect when taking long exposures. They seem like they are in warp, as if you can almost see them moving in the still photograph.

The widest I can go is 18mm, but one day soon I will get a fish-eye lens – 16mm. Focusing seems to a problem too. Well, it is either focusing or my tripod moves a little while taking these long exposure shots because the stars just do not seem to be perfect points.

Above, you see the “streaking” effect of the moving clouds in the long exposure photograph. The ISO is set to 200, f-stop 4, 18mm at 30 seconds. You can see stars in this shot. I will also post the larger size in my gallery sometime this week so you can see more detail.

Above is my star field shot. I will post this also in my gallery becuase at this size you cannot see half of the details that a larger image can show you. I need longer exposure times, so a remote switch for the shutter is my next purchase. ISO setting at 200, f-stop set to 6, and 18mm for a 30 second exposure.

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