Shooting the Stars, But need more Gear

I have being doing more than staying up in the middle of the night taking pictures of the night sky, I have being nursing a cold/flu/headache for the last week too. For the record, I have being spending very little time outside. This evening I took the risk of going outside for a few moments to do one last shoot before I hang up the night-time shooting gig until I buy more gear to get the shots I want. I really need to get better from the flu bug that it killing me, but tonight was clear, and the fog was starting roll in from the river, and I figured that this maybe the time to get shots in before the clouds come back. So I compromised and took ten 30 second shots before retreating back in side to warmth. The fog had just started to cover everything when I finished.

I finally got the “Big Dipper” before it sunk behind the trees. These stars are so low in the sky this time of year during the evenings, I had a half hour window to shoot this.

You can see the fog starting to roll in from this last shot. Remember that these are 30 second long exposures, so the human eye does not see  all of this light that the camera is picking up.

My next purchase will be the remote switch so that I do not have to touch the camera to take the photograph. Even though I am using a tripod, I find it vibrates just enough to make the stars appear out of focus. Also, 30 seconds is just long enough before you start to see star trails from the Earth’s rotation. Perhaps later on I will do a start trails shoot.

One Thought on “Shooting the Stars, But need more Gear

  1. So cool that you are getting into this! 🙂 I never thought about remote shutter for star photography, but makes sense re: vibrations. Also, get well soon!

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