My, How Time Passes On the Blog

I know, it has been six days since my last post. I know. It was a combination of having the flue, then working crazy hours, then dealing with some software issues that creped up during my last update. Time just blew by me. I believe that I am back on track now, over the hump, things looking rosy again. I am over the flu, and the website seems to be back in good working order, but work still takes most of my time and energy.

On the blog, I have been dealing a super high amounts of comment spam. Yes, I have some good spam killer defences on my site, but the spammers seem to have found a weakness on my site, and they slid in a few hundred comments, though fortunately none made it onto the blog, they filled up my personal email account very fast. Within one day, November 30th, they managed to spam-bombed my blog with over 270 comments. I did some quick searching to find out why I was getting all of this attention, and found out that one of the plugins, called “Daily Emotions,” was letting them in. Once I terminated the plugin, the problem magically went away.

I am thankful that I am working , when comparing myself to the amount of people who are not in these harsh economic times. Although it is terribly slow, for this time of year – the fourth quarter at my work, I am busy. My hours have been all over the place.  When dealing with the flu, the demands on my time have been really stressing me out when my health is hitting the bottom. It has been two weeks since the onslaught of the flu that hit me with a vengeance back then, and still lingers today. I have taken measures to help myself deal with the flu, like pacing myself, but nothing beats good old rest. I am hoping that this weekend I can take it easy and get the rest that will rid myself of this flu bug once and for all!

So, until later on, stay tuned.

One Thought on “My, How Time Passes On the Blog

  1. Hi Tom — Glad to find this new post. 🙂 Hope you continue to post and to keep getting over the flu. I agree that rest is the best thing for it.

    Have a great, restful weekend if possible! ❗

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